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  • MEDALS UPDATE: Due to global shipping concerns, we expect that finisher medals will arrive in April/May. We'll do our best to expedite these delivery timelines with the companies we use and will keep you apprised here!


Please be kind and encouraging to others! We're all in this to help each other achieve our goal of 202.2 miles!

I strive to make this challenge the best it can be for you; please have patience though. Please know:
--- many parts of our challenge are done "by hand" and not automated, which makes things a little slower
--- I am an unpaid volunteer for our non-profit running club and my job doesn't allow me to access the race during the day, so I may be a little slower to respond than a dedicated race company putting on an event
--- there may be some errors and challenges that come up and
I will do my best for you so that you have a quality event. :-)

This "global" event benefits the non-profit ORRRC, which puts on low/no-cost races in western Ohio to encourage fitness (and fun) in the local area and sustains several youth running/walking groups across the region! We couldn't do it without your support and we are ineffably grateful!

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Encourage your friends! Cheer on others! Motivate your friends & make new friends through the winter! Post your photos!

Download this coloring page, made by Kaley Bartosik, and color in one triangle for each mile of the challenge (the decimal point is for the ".2")! Once you've colored them all in, you've made it! Thank you Kaley!